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Quality Garage Door Products for Residential and Commercial

We offer a variety of residential and commercial products from industry's leading manufacturers

Residential Garage Doors

Our primary product line at Chippewa Valley Door is manufactured by C.H.I. Overhead Doors. C.H.I. draws most of their workforce from the Amish farms surrounding their plant in southern Illinois. C.H.I. manufactures a very high quality door with stronger hardware and longer life springs than most other manufacturers.

We also offer secondary product lines by Raynor, Everdoor, Ideal and Haas. There are also options available for custom made wood doors. These doors can provide a very unique look to customize your home.

There are numerous options for door styles, colors, windows and insulation values. We have sample panels available in our showroom or you can schedule a free in-home estimate by calling us at (715) 723-0742. You can also click here to visit our manufacturer’s website to learn more about the numerous options available for your door.

Residential Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster openers are manufactured by the Chamberlain Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers. They produce a high quality, cost effective product, and our customers have had great success using these garage door openers in their homes or commercial buildings.

Chippewa Valley Door Residential Garage Doors

Our most popular models are:

  • Chippewa Valley Door - LiftMaster Model 8165
    LiftMaster Model 8165 – 1/2 HP Chain Drive Opener

    This sturdy workhorse can easily lift all residential garage doors. The one-piece solid rail and full circle continuous chain offer better durability than other models sold in stores. Child-safe photo eyes, a multifunction wall station and 4 year motor warranty also come standard with this model.

  • Chippewa Valley Door - LiftMaster Model 8355
    LiftMaster Model 8355 – 1/2 HP Belt Drive Opener

    This model offers the same durability as the chain drive model shown above with the added features of smooth and quiet operation plus double the lighting capacity and a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt.

  • Chippewa Valley Door - LiftMaster Model 8550
    LiftMaster Model 8550 – DC Powered Belt Drive Opener w/Battery Backup

    This model offers the durability and quiet operation of the model shown above, plus the assurance of battery backup.

  • Chippewa Valley Door - LiftMaster Model 8500
    Liftmaster Model 8500-RJO – Side Mount Opener

    This model is different from most openers in that it mounts to the end of the torsion shaft. It uses a DC motor which starts off slower and accelerates the door before gradually slowing to a smooth stop. One or more light fixtures can be placed anywhere in the garage and controlled by this opener. This model can be installed with an optional battery backup system to keep your door running even during power failures. The motor has a lifetime warranty.

  • Chippewa Valley Door - LiftMaster Screw Drive Model
    Screw Drive Models

    Screw drive openers offer a smooth and quiet way to operate your door, but we DO NOT recommend this style of opener for the Wisconsin climate. For this type of opener to operate properly, it needs white lithium grease as a lubricant in the screw channel. This lubricant stiffens in cold weather and can cause operational difficulties or even damage to your opener.

LiftMaster Logo

We also offer the full line of LiftMaster openers. Click here to visit the LiftMaster web site and choose your residential opener from their extensive product line, then just call us for pricing at (715) 836-9550 or (715) 723-0742.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial customers want strength, durability and a long life with low maintenance. C.H.I. Overhead Doors delivers a door that meets or exceeds those expectations. Commercial doors come in either deep-ribbed or micro-ribbed styles. Commercial doors come in a wide variety of insulation values up to 17.54. We have sample panels and brochures available.

Just call (715) 723-0742 and ask for a brochure to be mailed to you or schedule a free on-site estimate anywhere in the Chippewa Valley. You can also click here to visit our manufacturer’s website to learn more about the numerous options available in commercial doors.

Commercial Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster leads the industry in commercial openers. Their product line offers a full selection of trolley and jack shaft openers with dozens of options and modifications. Whether it be safety equipment, special controls, harsh environments or large doors, LiftMaster has the right opener and modifications to meet all of your special needs.
Click here to visit our manufacturer's website or give us a call at (715) 723-0742 to discuss your individual needs and get a customized quote.

Rolling Steel Doors

We offer rolling steel doors by C.H.I., Trac-Rite and Ideal. Rolling steel doors offer an economical option for your storage shed, agricultural building or limited space situations. To learn more about rolling steel doors, just call (715) 723-0742 or visit the C.H.I. or Trac-Rite website by clicking on the proper logo.

C.H.I Logo Trac-Rite Logo

Coiling Fire Doors

Coiling fire doors are an important part of your line of defense against the spread of fire. We offer the C.H.I. Guardian line of fire doors. This line of doors offers UL labeled fire ratings of 45 minutes, 90 minutes, 3 hours and 4 hours. To learn more about C.H.I. Guardian fire doors, just call us at (715) 723-0742 or click here to visit the C.H.I. Fire Door website.

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